GotItNeedItGotIt is a web community for collectors of AFL collector cards and pop vinyls. The site enables collectors to store a list of collectibles they own (GotIt), collectibles they would like to have (NeedIt) using a comphrensive list of collectibles cultivated by the GotItNeedItGotIt team. In the future, we hope to introduce more types of collectibles and welcome any feedback and suggestions to current and/or new collectibles by using our forums.

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Share Collections

Collectors love their collections, and love to show them off. So, when you’ve finally found that rare item or completed your treasured collection, what better way to show off than to link your collection on social media? GINIGI creates a personalised graphic for each of your collections to show to your fellow collectors and friends!

Organise & Manage Multiple Collections

GINIGI helps you create and manage your own custom collections based on our database. Do you like to collect Funko Marvel characters? Then you can create a collection for that. Like to collect Hawthorn AFL select cards? then you can create a collection for that. We are always working on adding additional collections to our database. Let us know what you want us to add next! Have you ever been confused about what items are needed to complete your collection and buy duplicate items? GINIGI can help you!

A Featured Collection

Check out “Cam’s St Kilda Card Collection” - Cam loves St Kilda and has lived there for many years going to as many matches as he can because he is the most dedicated fan. He has carefully curated custom St Kilda AFL Cards collection over the years by using GINIGI database. He has collected 80% of the collection, Have a look what he has collected so far and what cards are needed to complete his collection.

Frequent Updates, Curated Collections

GINIGI is updated daily to contain all the latest items in our database so that you never. Our databases are based on the official websites of the manufacturer . If any items are ever missing then let us know! We also have curated collections designed by verified avid collectors which you can follow.